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Panch Gagh Falls

Panch (means five) Gagh Falls is a stunning tourist destination which has five waterfalls cascading through tall and steep hills near the scenic village of Khunti. The foot of the waterfalls has a very calm and serene atmosphere and is an ideal location for picnics and weekend getaways.

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Ranchi Lake

Located at the base of the majestic Ranchi hill, this lake was constructed in the year 1842 by a British National Colonel Onsely. It is centrally located and has boating facilities.

Being well-maintained by the authorities, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed evening and is ideal for picnics. The Ranchi hill itself is a popular tourist destination, it also has a Shiv Mandir at its top and one can get a panoramic view of the entire city from there.

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Tagore Hill

Tagore Hill is situated at an altitude of 200 feet in an isolated location where one find spend time in some peace and quiet. It is named after the famous poet, Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore.

It is known that he used to come here to write and the found the serene atmosphere at the top of the hill inspiring for his creativity. A centre of Divayan and Agararian Vocational Institute and a Ramakrishna Mission Ashram is situated at the foot of Tagore Hill.

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Topchanchi Lake

A Lake upon which a dam was built to supply water to Dhanbad and its suburbs, the Topchanchi Lake attracts tourists all over the year being the beautiful reservoir that it is.

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Dasham Falls

Dasham falls are situated in a beautiful village called Taimara near Ranchi and the Kanchi River. They stunningly cascade from a height of 144 feet and are surrounded by lush greenery.

The landscape is beautiful and serene and is a must-visit for all tourists travelling to Ranchi. Owing to the growth of tourism in this region, one can find various facilities in this region.

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Hudru Falls

The river Subarnekha while flowing through Ranchi forms a lot of waterfalls, but the most beautiful of them is Hudru Falls. Falling from a height of 320 feet, the Hudru Falls create a spectacular landscape and is extremely popular with tourists.

Bathing at the foot of the waterfall can be a very refreshing experience and is highly recommend to everyone who visits this waterfall.

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Jagannath Temple, Ranchi

Perched up on a hilltop, the Jagannath Temple is the most popular historical landmark in Ranchi dating back to 1691. As s smaller replica of the Jagannath Temple in Puri, the temple is decked with intricate carvings and a unique blend of coloured stones. The Rath Yatra is a festival of joyous celebration that sees a footfall of thousands of tourists each year.

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Angrabadi Temple Complex

Angrabadi Temple Complex is situated in Khunti, a small and serene village near Ranchi. The temple houses the idols of Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Ram-Sita and Hanuman. This is a must-visit for tourists and devotees alike.

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Jonha Falls

Plunging from a height of about 45 meters, the Johna Falls are surrounded in a canopy of plush dense trees and thick shrubbery. The holy waters of River Ganga and River Raru come together to form these giant roaring falls. They are also known as the Gautamdhara Falls because of a Buddhist shrine that lies in proximity to the falls.

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Rock Garden, Ranchi

Complete with waterfalls, sculptures, art and unparalleled scenic beauty, the Rock Garden in Ranchi is the perfect weekend excursion destination. The major attraction here is an iron footbridge that stands on only two poles. Since the garden is situated on a hillock by the Kanke Dam and is surrounded by lush environs, you can relax peacefully while enjoying a stunning view of the city.

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